Another Successful Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival

Saturday, 27 July was the end to yet another blessed Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival, this year in Mezőtúr. After a shortened day, everyone gathered at the main stage for a closing worship that included the Lord’s Supper.

The festival was only possible thanks to the hard work of 900 volunteers, and after two years of planning, everything culminated in Mezőtúr, Hungary with more than 3,700 participants registered for the week. Young people gathered from around the Carpathian Basin and from abroad as well, to come together in fellowship and discuss what it means to have a Christian identity. József Csomos Jr. led morning lectures followed by another service from Levente Horváth in the evenings. Small group discussions allowed participants to meet all kinds of different people and really delve into the topics discussed during the lectures.

This unique experience truly offered a little something for everyone. Each day had a different set of programs, lectures and concerts, and participants had the freedom to choose the events that interested them the most. Like other festivals in the past, it offered participants the opportunity to gather in fellowship and have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol.

It was really a meaningful week for all those involved – participants, volunteers and staff – and now that the stages have come down, we can start looking forward to the next Starpoint festival in 2015!


Amy Lester