Dear *. Fans!

The first Starpoint festival was held in Bodajk in 2003 as a three-day meeting with some 1,300 young participants. Today it has become a large-scale event with nearly 4,000 participants and is organized every other year by close to 500 young volunteers. We are tirelessly preparing for the next festival. We look forward to your ideas and comments – as Starpoint is not only made for you, but together with you. Join us!

You can find useful information on the flyer about the venue and theme for the upcoming meeting in Mezőtúr 23-27 July 2013. Also, take a look at what happened in the past and browse the website of previous Startpoints. Join us on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss anything!

And keep in mind: you will find updates on our website starting in January 2013.

Your Starpoint team

Csatolt állományok

Starpoint flyer